Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chicks, man

Our baby chicks came home yesterday. They are so adorable.  I so nervous bringing them home.  I felt as if the box got too jostled around they would start getting vocal and telling me they weren't happy with my driving.

Here are most of the Wynadottes.

Here are two of the Guinea fowl's.  I had to laugh when I put them in the brooder we made.  All the Guinea's were big scaredy cats and ran into the corner and tried to climb the feeder.   The Wynadotte's just kind of moved around in a group like they owned the place.  

The Guinea fowl were pretty vocal when they were first put in.  It didn't bother me very much because I used to have a Quaker bird and he used to 'scipe' up a storm when he was having a fit.  

They made it through their first night just fine.  They don't make much noise now.  Just happy little chirps.

Funny story about the water dish you can see.  I had a different one in the brooder but it was too big so I bought this dish.  I waited until I was ready to put the new dish in before I tipped it over.  The water glugged out of the jar and some of the chicks came running over to watch it and some pecked at the air bubbles.

The Wynadotte's are smaller than the Guineas. However, some of the Wynadottes will walk right up to the Guineas and peck them like they are big boys.  

Here are a few huddled in the corner snuggling together.  Yesterday I watched one fall asleep right at the water dish and drop her head and one wing was in the water.  Another one fell asleep and was all cozy and another chick ran over her and she popped up like "What?! I wasn't sleeping" and dashed off.

 Guinea fowl waiting for me to hurry up and take the picture.

Tonite we did have our first case of pasting with one of the Guinea fowl.  We soaked his little butt and took care of it.  I hope he doesn't have anymore issues. 

 I did take a few little videos yesterday but I think this is the best one.

I anticipate that there will be more stories and videos in the weeks to come.  Today I couldn't wait to come home and see "the babies."


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