Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Berry picking

 A week or so ago we went wild blueberry picking and then strawberry picking at a local berry farm, and then I made jam. 

This was just the first two batches that came out of the water bath.  I think I wound up with 16 jars of jam, total.  Maybe 20. ... It was a lot and it's all delicious. I have to keep my son from eating the blueberry jam by the spoonful.

Last night we decided to go check out the blueberry patch.  We weren't really expecting to find much. We were convinced the wild life had found the berries and there wouldn't be anything left, but we wanted to see how the patch was faring and make mental notes for next year.

Wow!  There was a TON of blueberries. The picture above is berries from 10 seconds of picking on one plant. To bad we didn't bring buckets.  We will know better for next time.

This was after a picking on another plant for a few seconds.  We found the patch early and picked early, never dreaming that the patch would pretty much be left alone. You could tell that a bear had been in the area but it had gone after an anthill instead of eating the berries.

The boy did NOT want to leave the patch.  He was really enjoying eating all the berries off the plants. 

Then we headed down the road and came to a little clearing. The original reason for stopping is that my dh thought that there would be a view of the main river in our area. 

No such luck, but it was still a nice view.

DH meandered around and found a raspberry patch.  Yum!  I had no idea the raspberries were ready.

The patch went on for quite a ways.  The berries were quite sweet.

Now we just got to keep our eyes open for the blackberries.  I'm really excited for those.  We have several blackberry patches on the property.  Just got to get them before the wildlife does.  I'm eager to try my hand at some blackberry jam.

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