Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We lost another one :-(

Saturday DH noticed that our wee-est baby chick wasn't looking so great.  One of her wings was hanging low and she looked sad.

We got her back into the house and set her up in a space where she could be alone while we monitored her. 

Crappy ipod photo of Junior
She exhibited symptoms that were very similar to Little Red before she left our homestead.

I contacted some online friends and they offered ideas.  We ran to town and got some antibiotics to put in the water for ALL the chickens.  Just to be safe.

Saturday night all Junior was doing was sleeping.  She feel asleep on the plastic lid that had food for her.  She had no interest in drinking.  But we were determined to give her a chance to pull through.

Before going to bed I had my son hold her and he whispered endearments to her.  But 10 p.m. she was barely moving.  I didn't expect her to last through the night.

Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013, our sweet little junior, with her punk rocker hair, went to heaven to be with Little Red.

I handled this one much better than the other farewells.  It still stinks though.   My DS thought Junior was back in the coop until last night.  You could see his heart break as it sunk in. 

I told my DH this weekend that I didn't think I ever want to purchase chickens from a private party again. Not only do we have this unknown (to us) illness that could potentially kill all the babies, but I do worry that it's something that could somehow get to the big girls.  The two groups really haven't been together.

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Kelsbels said...

Oh I'm so sorry you lost Junior! I know you were hoping you had found a cure. :(