Thursday, August 15, 2013

Berry picking!

Last night we went blackberry picking for the first time. Um, wow.  There were so many berries

Just look!  And this was just the first wave of berries.  We found an area that is just thick with blackberries.  I'm surprised -- we were the first ones to pick.  Though when we first got there we thought all the berries had been picked.

So many ripe berries on the canes that they were practically on the ground. You could pick all the berries you saw, then lift up the bush and there would be that many berries just hanging below the leaves.

Here's my son with half of what was picked in about 1.5 hours. You can't see it, but his legs got scratched up quite a bit. But the thorns and pickers really didn't stop him from charging into the brambles.

We ended up with more than 4 pounds of blackberries.  The bright red berries are raspberries that we picked while on our way home. The berries were SO ripe. You just had to look at them and they fell off the bush. 

Tonight there is plans to make some jam. It will be my first time making blackberry jam. I just may have to make some bread to go with it.


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Kelly Zauber said...

Wow! What a bounty harvest... Blackberry jam is best for bread while watching a movie... What do you think?

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