Friday, January 30, 2009

January 2009 finished objects

Who doesn't love finished objects!? :-)

First washcloth of the year. It was a lot of fun to knit. I ran out of varigated yarn at the very end though ... It's called "round cotton washcloth" (ravelry link) I would definitely make this one again.

My very first pair of Monkey's. Also my first time knitting on two circs. That was an experience, lol. But I think I like knitting on two circs because I don't have to worry about DS running up to me and poking an eye out or something.

When DS seen me making a pair of socks he kept asking if I would make him a pair of socks. I promised him I would. As soon as I finished the monkey's I pulled out some aran weight yarn and made him a pair. He wants green socks so tomorrow I will kettle dye them and post a picture as soon as they dry. He is just thrilled with them so far though. He put them on his feet right away and was showing them off to dad and grandma.

I'm bummed I never got to work on Serendipity at all this month. I looked at it once or twice though ... Maybe next month ...

This has been a pretty rough month for me. I'm happy to have gotten what I did done though.

On another note. I ordered a spinning wheel. I'm thrilled to bits. It's a Kromski Minstrel.

I ordered it from Copper Moose. So far I'm real happy with customer service. I have received my niddy noddy and TWO POUNDS of corridale fiber. I love that the fiber is natural so I can play around with dyes.

The plan for next month is the "Hedera's" that I started earlier this month but ripped. And I haven't decided on a washcloth pattern yet.

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A Note From The Queen said...

Love em all Marcy, specially that washcloth, what a fun pattern!!