Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New project ~ Float stole

I seen the Float stole pattern in the IK Spring 2009 issue and I just fell in love with the pattern. To me it was beauty in simplicity. Very elegant. A classic look if you will.

The only that held me back so far was the pleats in the pattern. I have never made pleats before. I searched for information and couldn't come up with anything. One of my online buddies urged me to keep the pleats in the pattern when I mentioned maybe making the pattern without the pleats. So I sent a call out for help in finding a how-to and I had the idea to contact the designer and see if she knew of any tutorials. She got back to me fairly quickly and later sent me some instructions and information. Thanks to her and another friend I was able to swatch last night and make a pleat. Yay!

Thanks to the information the designer sent me I realized I was doing the lifeline incorrectly. I also learned how to insert a lifeline through the back of the item.

Tomorrow, I cast on!


mel said...

Look at your cute little pleat! Hurray! :)

Simply me said...

I know! :-) I was a little sad to tear it out. It was so cute!