Monday, June 8, 2009

Today I am so proud of myself

I work for a weekly newspaper. Since January I've been "it."

Yesterday I went to priest and trans. deacon ordination and today I put all that together and finished a 16-page tabloid newspaper. Not to mention that fact that I sold all the congratulatory ads for this issue. Out of 16 pages I had almost 4 pages of various sized ads that I had to find places for. It's like a puzzle fitting all those ads together.

This from someone who had no training whatsoever in page layouts or Quark software. I have basically plunged into doing page layouts and literally done this by the seat of my pants and learned as I went. I am very proud of myself and feel a great sense of accomplishment in this.

It's been a tough and sometimes rocky road, especially towards the end. I have had a lot of support from people at my workplace and from those higher up in the ranks. May wasn't an easy month because of all the illness in the household and one issue I ended up putting together in twelve hours because I was home sick almost that whole week. Unless you've been in this line of work I don't think you can truly appreciate what it's like.

My mettle has been tested and I have passed.

To celebrate my "grand finale" if you will, I went out and bought a Sara Lee cheesecake to
eat. This is the (hopefully) last paper I have to plan and layout by myself.

On the knitting front, I'm just a few rounds away from starting the gusset and heel on a toe up sock.

It's the "riding on the metro"sock pattern from Wendyknit's new book.

I'm really liking this pattern so far. I just wish I had more time to work on it.

I'm getting ready to start the first panel on the Float Stole. However, I left it at work so I can't show my progress so far. It's not a lot to look at so far. Just six long rows of garter stitch. :-)


mel said...

Wow, Marcy, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate - congrats for finishing that issue (and yes, those are some LONG rows, aren't they?!)

Tammy said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

Simply me said...

@ mel: LOL, I have been busy. Home and work. I had never been so happy to finish and issue as I was that one.

I'm still trying to decide on a timely game plan for the stole so that I can get it done sooner rather than later. I have a feeling I'm going to go full on with it for a while and then take a break and find a smaller project to break things up and clear the cache (so to speak)

@ Tammy: My far away gen. manager keeps telling me that no one can take this away from me. I kept a newspaper together all by myself for 5 months. When I think about it, it still boggles my mind a bit.