Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gillyweed is all done

This weekend I set the twist on my gillyweed. The yardage ... 403 yards approx. Wow! Did not do a WPI on this either. As I was putting it on the niddy noddy I was impressed that I did thick and thin.

I may not touch my wheel until after Christmas. I really want to focus on the few things I have left on the needles.

I finished the fingerless mitts I was working on yesterday. This weekend I also cast on a 3 a.m. hat for my son. I really do enjoy this pattern. This is my second time with it.

Okay, ... so what's currently on the needles:

Wendyknits pi shawl

Socks of doom (vanilla socks)

3 a.m. cable hat

Second fingerless mitt for my nephew.

What needs to be done by the first is that fingerless mitt. I suppose I could try and push for the hat to be done by the first. It's pretty cold out now. Not that my son is lacking for hats but he loves the hats I make him.

I have really been enjoying the four day weekend. We haven't done too much outside of the house. I have gotten some projects around the house taken care of. I'm now hitting that time of year when I am really itching to clear out and clean. Unfortunately by the time I feel like doing it and have the time and energy it's time to get ready to go back to work.


leann said...

Gillyweed looks great!!!

Simply me said...

Thanks. I had so much fun spinning it. I'm currently looking for a pattern to knit it up in.