Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have a goal

I have two more Christmas gifts to make, plus one in reserve. Then I want to make the little man a hat. That's all small stuff, right? I wanted to get that stuff done by the end of the month plus finish up the fiber that I'm currently spinning, which isn't much. But I haven't decided how I want to ply it yet.

Then I have the Pi Shawl from Wendyknits. I'm one repeat away from finishing up the third chart. Yay!

Then I have a sock of doom currently on the needles. Oy! This sock I have sent to the frog pond twice. I just finished the heel flap and need to pick up the stitches. But my word, I'm so not enthused with this sock. I'm sure it will be fine when I'm done.

The goal is to have all this stuff done by the end of the year. One side of my brain tells me I can do it, the other side is screaming at me, that I'm putting too much pressure on myself.

I blinked at November was half over. So that leaves me about six weeks before the end of the year. When I say that it sure doesn't sound like a lot of time left.

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