Thursday, November 4, 2010

I rediscovered podcasts and my MP3 player

As soon as the weather turned cold I started listening to podcasts. I have missed out on a lot. I've debated on going back and listening to all the back episodes. I'm going to catch up on my favorites but probably start out with the most recent on some of the new ones.

I download them on Itunes at my work but I have an RCA MP3 player so I can't transfer them, which is a bummer. I really like my MP3 player. However I have run into some problems when I want to put podcasts on my player. I can't connect it to my work Mac and this new Windows media player is not the same as what I was using on my older laptop. Why doesn't the new Windows media player have a podcatcher in it? That boggles my mind. Not everyone is an Apple freak with a i-something.

I did figure out a solution. I'm now downloading the MP3 players either directly to my desktop and I can drag and drop the file and sync the MP3 player.

Oh! I am in love with my MP3 player again. It's funny how something as this makes me so happy.

The podcasts I'm listening to are:

Stitch it!
Sticks and String
Knitmore Girls
Cast On
The Knit Wits podcast
Round the Twist with Carin - videocast

I've just started listening to:

Knitting Pipeline
Crooked Row

I'm sure there are a few others but I don't have my list right in front of me. I forgot how much I enjoy listening to them.

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