Saturday, January 8, 2011

Progress ~ Wendyknits Pi Shawl

Since the first of the first of the year I have been knitting on just my Pi Shawl. I feel I'm so close to being done. I'm on clue 4 and I have two repeats left out of 6.

In other news life is starting to settle back down to normal after the Christmas holidays. I miss the short work weeks that happens at the end of December. The cold is settling in. We are getting temps in the negatives consistently. The worsted weight socks I have feel super comfy during these temps. I love my regular hand knit socks but there is nothing quite like those thicker socks.

This week I also received my first stitchinary. Barbara Walker's first treasury. I am so glad I got it. I'm hopeful that by the end of the year I will have the second and third one. I have not read good reviews about the fourth one. Bummer.

DH and I are already starting to make plans for when we can start staying out at the Happy Place again this spring. He's planning a bigger solar panel set up. I will have a bigger garden and DS will have a trampoline and a basketball hoop out there. (The trampoline is still a secret.)

So yeah I guess we have spring fever already.


Kelly said...

I hear you on the spring fever already! It's 32 here today and it's almost balmy and makes me want to be outside. :)

Simply me said...

I would *love* for it to be 32 up here. It's 19 out.