Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Books, books, books ... and more books

I have been on a reading tear the last month or so.

I discovered the joy of the Kindle and Nook apps on the iPod Touch. And free books.

Oh wow the free books for Kindle and Nook. I've got so many books sitting on there, just waiting to be read.

I've also discovered a few authors. T.L. Higley, for one. I got "Pompeii: City of Fire" as a free kindle book. After I tore through the book I requested "Guardian of the Flame" from the library and I purchased "Marduk's Tablet"

Her books are a bit historical. I like the books that are set back in Biblical times. There is also a bit of romance in the books I've read so far. Nothing to graphic, which is a huge plus for me. There is also a bit of Christian spirituality thrown in the mix. Nothing that I felt was very heavy handed. All in all, I've enjoyed the books immensely.

In between reading the ebooks I've also been listening to audiobooks in the car and at work. I'm just surrounded by books and I'm really enjoying it.

I have had no knitting or spinning mojo to speak of. On the one hand I'm sad that I have no interest in it. But then I have all this time for books, which makes me so happy. I haven't tore through books like this since I discovered the "Left Behind" series.

One thing I had planned on doing when I first started this blog was to write book reviews. I'm writing reviews but they are over on GoodReads. I'm now behind on updating my books over there. Gradually I may move them over here.

In other news, this is my 250th post on my blog. This is mind blowing to me. I was surprised when I reached 100 posts. I guess the next milestone is 500 posts. Wow. For someone who could never keep a diary going as a child I'm impressed that I'm still trucking along.

So if you've been along the whole time I say thank you for reading my rambles, successes and disappointments.

P.S. If you have any book recommendations, please leave them in a comment or send me a message over on twitter. Thanks!

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