Friday, August 5, 2011


This past week it rained over night Monday or Tuesday. It rained hard. There was a few times it rained so hard I thought it was hailing. It woke me up several times during the night. When I got up it was still raining. While my son and I were watching PBS a weather thing flashed across the screen saying there was the possibility of flash floods in my county. I was a bit surprised at that. I looked outside and didn't see much rain on the ground.

We did have flash flooding. It was bad. Heading out in the county there was standing water on the road. I live just a few miles away from the Nemadji River and I have never seen it this high. I'd heard of it ocassionally flooding the road that goes by the city's golf course. Well, this was it just a few days ago.

There is no road. It just leads to water.

This is a house that is just on the outskirts of the city. Last time I went past. The garage was standing in at least four feet of water according to DH.

I know the photo isn't very big, but let me say that the water you see in this photo should be at least 500 feet away to the left from where it is now.

When you look at the other side of the road, this is the river. The river was running across the road.

Normally the river is at least 1/3 the width it is in this photo.

On our way to the happy place we drove past this house. Again, none of this water is supposed to be there.

We have been really fortunate. Other than the garden looking like it's been trampled on, there is no damage or flooding at the land, or at the house. I heard that the Red Cross was set up out in the county to help those who couldn't get back to their homes. There are people who couldn't leave their homes.

Definitely not what I expected for this week.

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