Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Log Cabin square

Monday night I made my first quilt square for the We Can Do It! Skill Builders SAL by sewnbyleila.

Log Cabin Square
Finished June 20, 2011

Thoughts? I loved it! I had so much fun sewing it. I did the cutting Sunday night so Monday night I just had to pull out the sewing machine, set it up, sew, iron, repeat.

This morning I cut and pieced together the bits I need for a courthouse square. It *might* get done tonight. :-).

Fabric for We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler

On Friday I went up to the Wal-mart in the city next to me. None of the bolt fabrics caught my eye. I meandered around the aisles and came across a wall of fat quarters.

I had no idea they sold them as singles or as packs. I grabbed a pack that had some prints and a pack with some coordinating solids. I love the floral prints. To me they are timeless and traditional. You would be able to pass on to someone and more than likely it would fit in somewhere. Specially since you put in a lot of time and effort into what you make.

These colors go with my living room, I think. Even though it was just a little bit more to purchase the 7 packs of quarters to me it was worth it rather than trying to pick and choose through the singles. I didn't want to grab a jumble of different colors.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Skill Builder Sampler sew along

I came across a skill building sew along over on Sewn by Leila a few weeks ago. I am just pumped over this. I've been wanting to make a quilt for years. But have not known where to start or what skills I should have.

This gives me the perfect opportunity. I can work at my own pace, one block a month, and she will be giving us step by step directions. Awesome!

I still haven't picked out the fabric because I'm not sure how much I want to get for each pattern/color. I will do that after the directions for the first square comes out.

I mentioned this over on my knitting group and a few of the ladies are going to participate, which makes me even more happy. We can go through this process together and help each other out.

Now I got my little blog badge over on the right side. I feel so official! :-)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wendyknits summer mystery shawlette

In May Wendyknits.net announced a a summer mystery shawlette KAL. Since it was a shawlette I knew I would be able to keep up. I did! I am so proud of myself.

It started May 15, 2011 and I finished June 3, 2011. One day after the final clue was released. Something came up the day of the last clue so I wasn't able to pounce as soon as the last clue was released.

Knit with US Size 7 needles
Sock yarn. I misplaced the ballband so I can't say the colorway just yet.
It blocked out to 62 inches, tip to tip, and 23.5 inches from top to bottom.

I am quite pleased with the pattern and the finished product. It started out a bit rough but smoothed out as soon as I got past that first row.