Thursday, August 23, 2012

One more thing taken care of

Yesterday I signed my son up for school in the new district.  In that one action I now feel that we have an anchor to the new house and the new community.

The school sounds better in many ways than the old school. You can bring homemade goodies to class.  It's still a Christmas program rather than a Winter program or "Fine Arts Festival." It reminds me of how school was when I was in elementary school.  There is also another student from my son's old school that will be transferring to the new school.  Same grade but will be in a different classroom.

We got a tour of the school and I think my son my son asked more questions than me.  He wanted to know the important stuff like where the music room, art room and gym was.

Next week there is a back to school event where the kids can bring all their stuff in, set up their locker, meet the teacher and see classmates.  It sounds like fun.

Now I get to review the new school supply list and fill in the gaps.

Amazing how quick the summertime went.

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