Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playing catch up and some news

Quite a few things have happened since my last post.  We got some more rain. Yay!  But it wasn't quite as much as I had wanted but something is better than nothing I say.

The garden is still growing.  The beans are taking off and producing like crazy.

Here is a picture my DH took of me and the pole beans.  I think that if you stretched some of those vines out they would be well over 12 feet long.  My lattice is three feet or so apart.  The vines are reaching out to each other and creating a bit of overhead shade.

Last weekend I harvested the majority of the tomatoes, green and red, and they are currently ripening up on my balcony. I figured this was better than letting them sit on the garden bed.  The fruits are so heavy that the plants were completely weighed down and not doing so well.  While I harvested I pulled up the tomato plants that no longer had fruits.

We have been harvesting the potatoes plant by plant.  Potatoes this fresh are delicious and make fabulous french fries. 

Next thing to start harvesting is the onions.  The few that I've pulled up so far don't seem to be as big as the one's I harvested from last year.  I'm not surprised considering how dry this year has been.

I also have a bit of a secret that I've been holding onto the last couple weeks.


Drumroll ...

Well, maybe not *that* dramatic.

I'm buying a house!

DH and I found a great house, out in the country about 45 minutes from where I currently live and about 20 minutes away from my Happy Place.
It's on 20 acres and features great big Norway pines and oak trees and some maple trees.  There are a few acres of a really REALLY pretty Jack Pine forest.  

There is something so pretty about this kind of forest.  The moss, how bright the greens are, even the bone structure of the trees.  It's primitive and alive all at once. 

Have I mentioned the blueberries?  We found some blueberry plants.  **squee**

It probably won't be ours until late September.  I'm not going to lie, this new big event in my life has caused me to have a few freakout moments the last few weeks.  I've lived in my current house for 15 years.  It's comfortable there and it's what I'm used to. Now I'm going to have a longer commute, may get snowed in during the winter, and the eventual changing of schools for my son, but most of it has seemed to worked themselves out.

This is something that I've wanted since I was like 18.  However, life took me on a different path and this dream got set aside while I was busy with another house, starting a family and teaching myself homesteading skills at the Happy Place. "Someone" must have decided I was ready for this and dropped this place in front of DH.

So yeah, I'm nervous and excited all at once. :-)

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Chrisknits said...

Congratulations!!! I pray all will go well with the purchase and transition!