Friday, September 21, 2012

More photos of the new kitchen

I was so excited about the kitchen being 95 percent done that I headed out there after picking my son up from latchkey.  So here is a tour, of sorts, around the kitchen. 

Here is another shot that is similar to the one in the last blog entry. On the right the big open space is for the fridge. The microwave will go above the stove and we still need a light fixture and my hubby will be putting up crown molding.  

Here is a shot I took while standing in front of the laundry room doorway. 

Standing in the same spot but looking to the right.  The empty space is for the dishwasher. We still need to get the electrician to the house to run wiring for the stove, dishwasher, and some misc. wiring throughout the house

Here's my window above the sink. :-) I forgot to mention the color of the cabinets: chestnut. Dark color cabinets are more in style, but I didn't think a dark color would work in that house.  

I'm standing off to the side of where the dining room table will be.  Lots of space!

Okay, now I see that somehow a pink line inserted itself into the picture above.  Weird.

Now I'm standing where the dining room table will be.  Looking at this picture reminds me of an exercise in my seventh grade art class.  It had to do with lines and distance.  But you know what else I'm thinking of?  There's enough room for an island!

Thanks for taking the tour.  I will post pictures when everything is complete.

Preview: The kitchen

This photo was taken with a iPhone and sent to me this afternoon.  Oh, how exciting!

By the time I noticed I had this photo in my email the second side of the kitchen was finished.

You can also see the flooring.  I think it all looks great together!!

I'm heading out after work to see it in person.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Today's project and meeting neighbors

Today I helped my hubby with the building of a shed.  I don't know the fancy name for it, but it's a 10 x 12 metal shed.  We got it at Menard's a while back and last week the floor was built while I stained the doors in the house. 

It was a was a learning process and if we ever build another one it will go crazy fast compared to this time around. It's sturdy as heck though.  I dare any wind to try and blow it down!

The whole family participated.  My son put washers on the screws It felt like there were thousands of screws and bolts that needed washers (But I'm sure it wasn't that many).  His little fingers were perfect for it and because he was such a good helper he earned a few extra bucks for allowance.  He really was a good trooper today

The shed happens to be under a few Oak trees.  The acorns were falling all day until we got the roof on.  I can only imagine what it is going to sound like next fall.  With a couple exceptions it really is like the particular area was meant to have a shed there.  It was pretty level and the trees weren't too close. 

Today I also met the lady that lives *right across* the road from the new house.  Those neighbors have a hobby farm, I think.  Two horses, a few dogs, few cats, several chickens and a few geese.  Turns out there is a fox in the neighborhood and it's after her chickens.  She said she's been live trapping for several months and so far has caught only raccoons.  She thought my son would get a kick out of seeing a live one before she went down the road and released it. It was pretty calm, all things considered.  It was impressive to see how big the raccoon was. Probably as big as a Maine Coon cat.  The neighbor said this particular raccoon was the biggest she had caught so far. 

Tomorrow the vinyl for the kitchen is to be installed.  Exciting stuff! :-) I think after that they will start putting in the cabinets and the rest of the kitchen together.  The appliances were delivered yesterday.  I can't wait to see the kitchen all put together. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


The siding on the front of the house is all done!  

Looks like just how I envisioned it!.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Picture time!

I've had some people asking me for pictures of the new house while it's in the process of being renovated. This blog entry is a bit picture heavy.  The majority of these photos were taken two weekends ago.  

Here is the kitchen.  This side will have the kitchen sink and the dishwasher.  The window provides a lovely view of the back yard. 

Here is a picture hubby took out of the window.  It's like a painting out there. 

Here is the back door.  You see one of the many birches on the property. 

Here is a shot of the hallway.  At the time the photo was taken the hallway was full of the doors. 

Here is a photo of what will be my craft room. Nice color eh?  The color is called "Olive oil."  

Here is a shot o the living room from the hallway.  Wanna see what I see when you look out that big window? 

Here you go!

Here is a photo of the livingroom from the doorway that connects the livingroom to the dining room. 

One of my favorite shots from the day I took these photos?

This one.  My son was sitting out on the porch "surveying his domain"

This past weekend the family and I went out to the house.  Hubby was working on a shed and I was staining the interior doors.

Hubby took a photo of me staining the closet door in the living room.

Here are the two doors I stained in the kitchen.  The left one is a half W.C. and the right door is the laundry area. 

I love this color of stain.  It's called "Gun Stock".  I asked hubby about it and he said that it's more of a cinnamon color.  I love the red hues that this stain has.  Makes me very happy.  

I still need to put a coat of poly on the doors.  This coming weekend I will be either staining bi-fold doors or putting a coat of poly on the doors. I haven't decided yet.  Some point in the near future I will be staining the trim.  After working on the doors the trim will be a piece of cake.  Just need plenty of room for the boards to be spread out. 

My next blog post I will share pictures of the yard and surrounding area.  I'm still in awe about how pretty and big the trees are.