Sunday, December 15, 2013

Cold, cold and more cold

The last couple weeks my area has had artic cold temps.  No fooling. I can't remember the last time we've had temps this cold this early in the season.  Last winter season the cold snap didn't happen until January, I think. 

Check this out.  It's from Dec. 11, 2013

This was posted Dec. 11, 2013 after the 6 p.m. news.  We were one of the coldest places on earth. Brrrrr. 

We had perhaps two days where the temps were above 0 degrees. Friday the temps hit 14 degrees.  Heat wave!

This a.m. I woke up at the temps were back to -9 degrees with a -29 degree real feel. I don't want to leave the house.

The sun is out but it's such a liar. 

There has been more snow the last few days.  Inches at a time.  Out in the county it hasn't been too bad, thankfully.

 Check out the snow blanket on the chicken coop.  The girls and the roo are nice and cozy in there.  Perhaps bored, but warm and safe. My guy and I have been giving them a few extra treats and I bought them a shallow tote and filled with with some sand so they could give themselves "dust" baths.  The girls didn't know what to make out of it at first.  They did enjoy getting themselves some "grit." Thursday when I checked for eggs I noticed that the chickens had been using their sandbox for more than a litter pan. I do need to figure out something for them so they can trim their claws. 

The snow is at least a foot deep in the back yard.  I haven't done any scientific measuring.  The snow goes up past my snow boots, in some areas of the yard.  With all the wind we've had I'm really surprised that some leaves have stayed on the trees. 

It's hard to take good pics when you refuse to leave the warmth of your house. 

Front yard. It's so pretty with that fresh two inches of snow. 

Christmas is in 10 more days. We are ready!  I'm bummed the Christmas lights didn't show up in this picture. 

Work has been kind of crazy the last couple weeks. Our redesigned website when live on Friday.  The office has also been working on the Christmas issue.  There was a few things that popped up unexpectedly. I think everything is good to go though.  My fingers are crossed that we will have a fairly smooth publishing day. I hope.

Since the cold hit my knitting mojo came back.  I was cranking out dishcloths for a week.  Last week I found the Tri-light pattern over on I picked out some Caron simply soft yarn and this morning I cast on.  I think it's gonna be a quick knit.

The yarn is not black, it's plum perfect.  I don't understand why it showed up so dark.

When I was looking through the photos on my camera card I saw some photos of the chickens that my son took before the snow.

Tailed Red and No-Tailed Red checking out the food dish while I was cleaning out the coop.

My Wynadotte, Grandma P and White Cheeks looking for bugs. 

My sweet little baby roo. I have a feeling he was getting ready to his dance of desire to impress the ladies. 

Earlier this week DH was in the coop checking on them and he said that Grandma P was up on the nesting boxes, trying to get down.  She isn't so graceful getting down from higher places.  (On account of her not having a rudder, according to my MIL. I.e. no tail feathers). Well, according to DH she looked and paced, before finally taking the plunge and jumped off the nesting boxes.  Grandma P landed on the roos back and piled-drived him into the wall.  Oh my poor little guy!  Actually, I can't help laughing at the the thought of him minding his own business and suddenly being landed on and pushed around. I tell ya, he gets no respect. I see him frequently trying to impress the ladies and they run from him. 

I'm also pleased to report that the babies have started laying eggs.  They are so little and perfect. I don't have any good photos to share. We've been getting 5-6 eggs a day, consistently, even with the temps dropping.  They have a light on 12-14 hours and the coop is warm enough that it's not freezing in there. The girls are earning their "scratch" money.

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