Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow day!

We had our first snow day of the year yesterday. The snow came in waves starting Monday night.  The snow, freezing temps and darkness made for an interesting drive home. Tuesday I went into work late and left early. So glad I left early because the snow really started coming down.

On Wednesday the school districts closed down for the day. Thank goodness. After nearly white knuckling it home Tuesday I don't know if I'd attempt the roads yesterday.  The snow was coming down at least an inch per hour.  For a few hours I'd say it was coming down 1.5 inches an hour. It was very wet snow. We would be outside for a few minutes and come in and our hair would be as wet as if we had just stepped out of the shower.

I did my part to keep the deck cleared of snow.  After a while the snow was covering the deck as quick as I could clear it off.   I gave up after a while. Though I do need to take care of it today.  The snow is all done -- for now.

Front yard.  Branches so full of snow they are touching the ground.

Branch on the ground, branch on the ground, looking like a fool with your branch on the ground ... 

This was yesterday morning just a few minutes after DH did the first snow plowing.  

There was time for fun yesterday, in between cleaning up the snow.


My son had a blast getting pulled around. 

Last night just after 8 p.m.  The snow had finally started to slow down.  The winch on the ATV failed and my guy couldn't use the blade on the ATV anymore :-(. Such sadness.  First major storm and we couldn't run the snow plow through it's paces.  We figure the winch failed from being over used for a project we did during Thanksgiving week. (subject for a later blog entry).

The snow blanket on our roof this a.m.  After settling all night the snow is 17 inches deep.

There is an artic front coming through now.  Cold temps and stronger winds.  What snow that is on the pine trees is getting knocked off.  It's interesting to be looking out the window and see a sudden dump of snow from the branches.  The pines can hold a lot of snow.

Trust me, this lump of snow is HUGE!

Today the schools were closed again.  It gives the road crews lots of time to make the roads drive worthy.  I spoke to my coworker this a.m. and she was trying to head to town and she said the snow was drifting over the roads. Yuck!

Just as well.  Look at what my car looks like this a.m.

Poor things never had a chance.

Didn't bother to brush the car and truck off.  Gonna be interesting when I finally do brush them off.  That's a LOT of snow.

When I was looking at the back yard I saw this little one.  Mr BlueJay was gripping that branch and didn't fall off even though the branch was bouncing around in the wind.  This critter brought a smile to my face.

I'm pretty confident there will be school and work tomorrow.  The time off has been enjoyable and I'm grateful for it. I have a feeling that come January we will have at least one more snow day.

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Kelsbels said...

While I'm jealous of your snow days, I'm happy not to have to deal with that much snow right now!

Love the picture of the blue jay!