Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcome September

Oh September. You appeared far too quickly. And you brought the cold in this week.  September, you are a mean girl!

I purposefully took a break from blogging and a step back from the internet.  So busy and feeling worn out that I sort of retreated to recharge my batteries.

Batteries aren't fully charged yet.  Too much going to to rest on my laurels.

And then September arrived and now school has started.  The first day of school was back on Sept. 2. Things are going well so far with school for my son.

This is also the first year we are letting him ride the bus from home to school and back. Still working the kinks out on that but so far so good.

Turns out there aren't many kids in the a.m. riding the bus but there are about 55 kids riding the afternoon bus.

In other news, the interior of the Chicken Shack of Love is complete.

Despite the rain trying to keep us from working the inside of the shack has been insulated, walls and ceiling put up and it's been wired for lights.

 This past weekend we took the chickens (or pullets ?) from the brooder coop and put them in with the bigger pullets. There hasn't been any fights between the groups, which is wonderful.  They are staying with their own groups.

I still need to touch up the paint on the outside and a few finishing bits need to be done. I don't want to share a photo of the outside just yet.  Believe me, it's really nice.  It's also nice to not have to rush to get home and fill the water and food for the ones in the baby brooder.  The youngest pullets seem to have really calmed down since they've been moved to the new coop.

We have a little superhero chick in the barnyard now.

Don't believe me? Check it out!

 Okay, it might have been a wee bit of an exaggeration. Little Mrs. No-tail was looking pretty "loved" from the roos so we ordered her a hen saddle. She's comical to see running around with her saddle on.  She looks like she's running off to help someone in need.  The nice thing is she no longer has that "mommy needs a cocktail" look in her eyes.

Let's see ... what else is going on. 

Elvis is broody again. She's not sitting on any eggs.  Far too late to allow her to do that and we don't want any chickens in the house right now. 

We've also been harvesting tomatoes from the garden.  I can hardly believe I got tomatoes in August. The tomato plants have been the best tomato plants I've ever had. My son and I have also been picking green beans and I've been freezing them.  Any time now I think I can start harvesting the carrots and the rest of the beets.

I have a confession.  My garden turned into a hot mess this year. I didn't pay nearly as much attention to it as I should have.  The result.  Really tall weeds. Next year will be better, I keep telling myself.

This past weekend we found someone local who was selling oak firewood.  So we were hauling and stacking that. The weather this past Saturday and Sunday was gorgeous. 

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Publishing day went well.

2. Seeing the turkeys run.  It's priceless.

3.  The weather was nice today.

4. A decent night of sleep.

5. Text from my DH, telling me he loves me.

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