Sunday, November 15, 2015

First snow of the year

Friday we got our first snow fall of the year.  It did not make for a very happy me.  I don't want snow until after Thanksgiving.  Then it can be gone by January 15.

Saturday morning we woke up to pretty white snow all around.  My coworker texted me to say there was no snow by the big lake.

Since snow fell I decided it was time to put the wreath up on the door.  It dresses up our new screen door nicely.

I spent a big chunk of Saturday working on crafty stuff and started listening to a new book, "Crewel" So far I'm really liking it.  I'm also impressed my DH has no concerns that I might possibly want a loom after all this fiber talk of spinning and weaving.

Today we woke up to some decent temps for November.  The snow melt was *pouring* off the roof.  And now there is almost no snow remaining in my yard.  The bright flash in the picture is the sun.  I was hoping the flash wouldn't' be as intense in the photo.  You can make out the drops of water coming off the roof.

I took a quick little video so people could hear the melt coming off the roof.

Since I was actually carrying my phone around with me today I took a couple more videos.

I have tried to describe the sound a hen makes when she's in the nesting box and is trying to warn you away. Oh this girl was *not* happy.  

It was not as dark as the video is making it out to be.  A few of the ladies thought I had treats because I had the phone in my hand.

And speaking of Mr. Turkey.  The countdown to Thanksgiving has started. He isn't aware of anything, of course.  He's had a good life and he's currently being pampered and told what a handsome boy he is. It really is a shame he never got a girlfriend. 

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