Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Time to get cracking

This past Friday a cold bug decided I was a good person to visit for a while. Not an enjoyable way to spend what was probably the last nice weekend of the year. 

Today is the best I've felt. I'll spare the details, not that there are any gory ones.  I will say I probably should have stayed home from work but I was "functional" and my work to-do list got the best of me.  I told myself I wouldn't go in if I felt crappy but my sense of responsibility got the best of me. Time was spent in the office, with little interaction with coworkers.  When I did venture out I was sort of treated like I had the plague, despite how nice some of them were about it.

Today was my usual work at home day but there was a surprise farewell lunch for a person who is leaving for a job overseas.  So I went in and tried to touch as little as possible. It was a lovely luncheon. It was German-themed and a few of the ladies cooked a really nice variety of food.

Dashed back home as quick as I could. Weather people said our area is to get a storm starting tonite.

When I went out to do chicken chores I could tell something was up.  There was a certain *something* in the air and how it moved.

Gray clouds, just a bit of wind and the start of some sprinkles.

Seriously, this was at 4 p.m. How depressing.

Secret knitting has been put in timeout.  Not because it was bad.  A few kinks need to be worked out before I continue on.

In the meantime my attention has turned elsewhere.  I've signed up for two swaps this month.  One is with a group of knitters I've been friends with for many years.  The other one is through a FB group I've been a part of for a couple years. My work announced a crafting sale.  Last year I didn't bring anything in and some people expressed their disappointment.  So this year I am aiming to please.

Since I want everything to be a surprise I can't post anything I've made so far.  I will post a pic of some fabric for a craft that will be for sale at my work sale. Any guesses on what this will be?

So, since I can't really talk about my crafting, I thought I'd post a bit of a farm update.

All my ladies are doing good and giving us lots of gifts every day now. It's better than Christmas!

Every now and then we get what is obviously a first egg. The eggs are so wee. There are still lots of double-yolkers.

I got a pretty decent side shot of our male turkey. He is *such* a pretty boy. He's starting to have a hard time now.  It shows in his walking.  He's got a bit of a wobble now and a slight limp. He's still looking for a girlfriend. I'm a bit amazed no wild turkeys showed up in our yard.  Some were spotted about three-quarters of a mile away.

I've got some videos!

I was waiting for the turkey to gobble.  He's *so* camera shy. You do get to hear Skips crow. 

Here I got a good vid of the turkey vocalizing. When I see him I can almost hear him go "I'm a pretty boy, I'm a pretty boy." He's got such a sweet little personality.  

Whenever you open the coop door wide, the birds *pour* out of the coop.  They don't even wait for you to move out of the way.  There are at least three, maybe four, who fly from the top rung of the roost and glide out of the coop and go way into the yard. I need to duck my head and sometimes I've had to jump out of the way.  

In this video I thought one of the Americaunas was going to do it.  Then she decided to hop down and walk out. 

In other news, my son's Halloween costume was a hit. Lots of people raved about it during Trick or Treating, and he got lots of extra goodies because of his costume being homemade. 
I've started listening to "Legend" by Marie Wu. It's really helping the commute go by. I'm starting to really appreciate duo voices in novels.  Or however it's called. The audiobook readers do a nice job.

I'm slowly getting back into podcasts.  Seems a fresh crop has popped up in the last year or so. It's kind of nice to see some new faces.  Haven't decided on which might be keepers.  

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