Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1 already?

Things have been awfully quiet on the blog home front.  Reasons are simple: I've been all over the place the last couple of months.  Tidying some things up, getting things ready for fall. Kind of running in all directions.  When I do manage to sit down for a bit, I'm almost embarrassed to say that I stare at the TV and try to decompress.

September was for getting back into the school routine.  My son is getting more homework so he's been adjusting to this new cog in the school wheel.  I've also been keeping on him to stay on top of coursework and whatnot. He is currently getting high marks in all his classes.  I'd like it to stay that way.

He just wrote a first draft for a mystery short story. It's due this Friday.  He asked me to read it and I thought it was cute.  Probably not the reaction he was expecting. If he will allow it, I'll post the story on the blog for posterity.

My son and I also did our first 5K.  I mostly walked the race, because of the knee injury, but I did run across the finish line. 

 My son took  second place with a time of 26 minutes, 10 seconds. My time was 43 minutes, 50 seconds. I am so proud of my boy. The lady who took third place told my DH her dog was racing to keep up with my son because he wanted to play, and that's why she got third.

In September I started knitting and crocheting up a bunch of dishcloths.  I got the dishcloth bug pretty hard, actually. I found patterns online and was trying them out, one right after the other.

Then I knit up a cowl in some stash yarn I decided it was time to use.  It is a soft bamboo/silk blend. I can't remember the name of the pattern.  It is a Lion Brand pattern.  Very simple to knit up.  I think it will work very nicely this fall.

In October I started a test knit for a friend. It's still in progress.

Another thing that happened recently is the re-homing of our adult hens and two roosters. The little girls started laying and we can't keep all the chickens.  The mother of someone we know was happy to take our mature ladies and have them as pets.   We kept Grandma P, her two daughters, and one other girl. 

The first few nights of the little girls being in the coop was a bit hard on Grandma P.  She likes to go to bed early, like 7 p.m. and the "young, whipper-snappers" like to stay out as long as they can.  Then, when they'd go into the coop, they were running all around and raising a ruckus. Everyone has all mostly settled into a familiar routine now.  Especially now with it getting dark out so early. 

Mr. Turkey is doing just fine.  He's on a permanent display. He's also gotten pretty darn heavy.  Last time he was weighed, he was 47 pounds. Yes, he's a big boy, for sure.

The hens started laying in September and we've been getting a nice bounty of gifts every day.  We are up to 2 dozen eggs every day, give or take a few. Some of their systems are still working the bugs out. 

The egg in the middle is 3 inches long.  It was a double-yolker, two full eggs inside.

October was also for making my son's Halloween costume.  This year he decided to be the Barbarian King, from Clash of Clans.  This is a game that's played on smart phones. The costume was a hit at school and during trick or treating.  Some people gave him extra candy because the costume was homemade.  People LOVE a homemade costume. Most people thought he was a knight, however.  One girl recognized the costume. 

Well, while I was sewing part of the costume my Singer Athena started acting up and finally stopped working. Fortunately I have a second vintage machine I was able to finish sewing on.  Went back and forth about getting the Athena fixed.  Found out the local sewing machine repairman is no longer in business, and decided to put the money towards the purchase of a new sewing machine.

I'm now the happy owner of a Janome 8077.  Getting a new machine has made sewing a joy.  The day it was delivered I pulled it out of the box, read the instructions, set it up, and sewed my first item that night.

The first item was a chicken apron.  Haven't had a chance to try it on one of the hens yet.

Second item was a drawstring bag.

Third item is a bucket bag. I found the pocket fabric and fell in love with it.

Next thing I'll be doing is pants hemming.  Very exciting and sexy stuff!  After that I suppose I'll be completing the little quilt I started about a year ago but set aside when I needed to start the layers bit. 

November will most likely be another busy month for me.  Getting ready for Thanksgiving and placing all my ducks in a row for Christmas gift giving. 

I've been listening to audiobooks in the car, and reading here and there, before bedtime.  I've been really bad about marking them in my Goodreads account and I can't remember them all.  

Work was busy for me the last month or so.  Our retired bishop passed away and we needed to put together a tribute issue, which I think turned out very nice. There was also a diocesan-wide event I needed to get ready for. In the back of my mind I need to remember that a new bishop could be appointed *any day now.* It's almost a year since our bishop was transferred to a new diocese. 

The weather has been not the best this past week. Lots of rain and dreariness. The wood stove has been going every evening.  


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