Sunday, February 21, 2016

A restful weekend

Shortly after hitting publish on my last blog entry I curled up on the couch and feel asleep. At 9 p.m. on a Friday night.  Boy, I know how to party. I know it was the last week catching up to me, in addition to my body fighting off any cooties that *might* have been picked at up at the ordination Mass on Thursday. In any case, I needed the rest.

Saturday I woke up to some very mild temperatures. We took care of some stuff around the house, ran to town to shop for necessities, and had lunch as soon as we got back home.

When the weather is this nice in the wintertime I try to take care of the chicken coop.  I usually do a partial muck-out of the coop because some of the hay and pine shaving litter is frozen.  Friday was unseasonably warm so the coop thawed completely and it felt wet inside. 

I know I probably clean my coop out more often than the typical chicken mama, and that is okay with me. This time around was even easier because my hubby drove the atv dump trailer right up to the door and I didn't have to mess with filling the wheelbarrow and dumping it.

Speaking of chickens, I know I need to do a big update on them.  That's a post for later this week. I have a few photos and videos I need to sort out and load up.

My husband and I were talking Saturday about when we should start keeping eggs for hatching out. Previously it was decided to start incubating eggs at the start of March.

Well ... look what I pulled out of storage!

I'm so stoked! I still need to clear off the one table in my craft room and calibrate the temperature and all that good stuff. I'm part of the BackYardChickens Facebook group and the southern chicken keepers have started posting pictures of their little fluffy butts and I can't wait to get my own.

We started keeping Americauna eggs on Saturday. A few more days and we will have enough eggs to fill the incubator and get it started.

Other than the above, not much going on this weekend.  Even though the temperatures were mild, it wasn't very pleasant out.  The sun didn't shine. I mainly took it easy, my husband spoiled me a wee bit, and I had some time for knitting.

I worked on my sock for a bit last night, while we watched some Amazon Prime.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy
1. French sodas. Yum! I made a big one for myself tonite. 
2. The possibility of having baby chicks in time for Easter, again.  This would make it three years in a row we have baby chicks for Easter. 

3. A day to rest and decompress.  

4. Pizza made with cauliflower crust.  Yum!

5. Only 32 more days until the first day of spring.

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