Monday, February 29, 2016

The monday-est of Mondays

Ugh.  That's what I want to say when I think of what a rough day this has been.  Instead, I keep trying to paste a smile on my face.

Only it's not working like I want it to.

This morning I checked my work email.  I check it at least once before I head into the office. The office received a very not nice email.  In fact, it was so crappy it got the whole office a bit riled up. 

I managed to slip and fall as I was getting into my car.  The slip and fall was pretty bad.  Stunned is a good word to describe how I felt when I finally got myself into the driver's seat.  When I slipped and fell I went down hard on my left wrist and I'm sure I jammed it good. My head started throbbing immediately.  I sat in the car for a few moments holding my throbbing head and wondering if I should even go in.  The stupid part of my brain said "Let's see how this goes."

I went home after a few hours.  The head throbbing increased and pounded and then went down to a low roar. Anytime I moved my head the throbbing started up. So I came home after a short bit.

Came home and rested until my boys came home.  The whole left side of my body aches. I already decided I'm staying home tomorrow so I can rest more.  This evening when my husband was outside I went out to speak with him and managed to slip and fall *again* and land on the right side this time. That was when I decided this whole day was fired.

This evening my son made cookies by himself.  He's been after me to make more cookies.  I told him I couldn't make any because of my sore left side and wrist. He asked if he could make them and I supervise. I agreed.

Chocolate chocolate-chip cookies were settled one and he went to town making them. He was a very proud of himself when they were all cooling.


Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Sick days for when I need them.

2. People who care and want to mother me when I do dumb things, like slip and fall.

3. The sun was shining today.

4. Chocolate chocolate-chip cookies.  They are really good.

5. My bed is made and ready for me to crawl into. 

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