Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How is it March already?

It hit me this morning: It's March now.  When did that happen? The last six weeks were such a blur.

I'm feeling sore all over my body today. No headaches, which is wonderful. I had a rice pack on my lower back for most of the day. I took it extremely easy, so my body could heal. No crafting, no housework. Not even chicken chores.  I don't do well with being a convalescent, apparently.

After a day of nothing, I realized I can't do an evening of nothing so it's high time I catch you all up on the chickens.

I think the last time I talked about the ladies I mentioned that we were given a turkey, but I had no pictures to share at the time.

Well ... here he is. ...

This guy was a very sweet little boy. After the first few days he settled in nicely.  I'd like to say he got along with everyone.  He did get along with everyone but ... he came to us with a tail feathers that were just growing in and one feather sheath broke before it should have, which resulted in some bleeding.  Since he liked to fan his tail ALL THE TIME the hens noticed the bleeding and it was game over.  Poor little boy.  We tried all kinds of things to keep the hens from going after his tail but they refused to be stopped.  My husband and I finally threw in the towel and decided to rehome the turkey, much as it pained us.  Rehoming was the best thing to do. We found him some new digs and said our farewells.  We also decided to rehome our Roo, Skips, at the same time.  We had such high hopes for this guy but he didn't quite have the Roo instincts we were looking for. Treyorous is still with us. Either Spring fever has hit or he has finally come into his own, if you know what I mean. He seems to be doing his job very well, now that he is the only Roo in the coop.

Since then, the girls have been sitting tight and are waiting for spring to arrive.

There have been a couple mild weekends in February, so we've opened the coop and let them out.


The chickens still don't care to actually go out on the snow.  They either hang out on the steps or go under the coop and take dust baths. Or, as I like to call it, have a spa day. 


Here's my pretty little boy, Trey, taking his job very seriously.  Honestly, he crowed so much this day, letting everyone in the neighborhood know that he was there.

I'm not sure if the ladies were impressed but I do know they appreciated him keeping an eye out so they could bathe in safety.

My son snagged one of the ladies and sat with her out at the picnic table.  She sat in his lap for the longest time.  I don't think I've seen a hen so content to just sit in a lap. We've had a few who were okay with sitting with him, but none who were still for 30 minutes. I think my son tired of her on his lap before she was ready to go. 

This girl wasn't too happy that I was taking a video of her. 

Other than that, everyone had a good day.  The ladies graced us with a lot of eggs that day and the days after.

February 25 we loaded up the incubator! 

The incubator holds 48 eggs. We had a high hatch rate the last time we hatched eggs out.  I can't remember how many eggs were put in last time. The incubator wasn't full and all the eggs hatched out, which I think is a rarity.

It's all Americauna eggs. I'm so excited.  We are going to have babies! Sweet little fluffy butts. 

 March 17 is the projected hatch day. That date feels right around the corner.

I had grand delusions of a countdown but then the weekend was gorgeous and then I was distracted by pesky body aches, thanks to my slips and falls. 

Over the weekend one of the girls laid a wee little egg.  As far as I know all the girls are laying now, so I can only guess that this was a hiccup in her system. 


On other news, no knitting. Not much reading and no audiobooks, even though I've got one ready to go. My husband had an audiobook going and I heard part of it but not enough that I feel like I should be talking about it. If you are interested, it is "The Fox Inheritance." 

Book club had to be cancelled since I am in no shape to be traipsing out and about. Bummer. 

Sunday night my son decided he wanted to build a log cabin out of some scrap wood we are using for kindling. 


It was up for a while before he had to take it down. 

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Hearing my son say "I got a good lunch" when checking out the lunch I packed for him this morning.

2. The sun was shining all day.

3. Rice packs. They are so wonderful.  I need to make a couple *big* ones though.

4. My guy being so sweet to me and picking up my slack.

5. Having the day to just rest, and letting my body recoup.

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