Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring break

Let me give you an update about the baby chicks.

This little one decided to tell us a story back on March 27. 

Those sassy little budgies of mine have been going to new homes, group by group. 

And then we were down to nine babies from I don't remember how many.   I love the perky little tail on the one to the far left.

On Monday this final group went to their new home.  They will have a little girl taking care of them.  She was excited to get them.  She's in 4-H and will be learning how to show poultry at the fairs and such. Before they even left the house she pulled one of them out and was holding it while the adults talked. 

One of the ladies that came to pick them up decided she was in love with the white one in this photo and said she hoped it turned out to be rooster so she could have him. I guess she gets all the Roos and is happy to take them in. The chick right next to it is the one who had the straddle leg.  Look at her/him!  Legs are like nothing was wrong. I love those cheek puffs!

It was sad to see them go off to their new homes.  There are so many different emotions from hatching them out and keeping them for yourself versus hatching them out and sending them off into the world. I feel good about each family that came and picked chicks up.  This helped ease my mind.  One lady sent a photo to us as soon as she got them settled in. I though it was very nice of her.  Her little girls were thrilled to be getting baby chicks.


But never fear, we have more babies on the way! Yup, we now have two 'bators. We have 11 more days until the next batch starts hatching out.  *Squee*

Good mail arrived last week. I've been flipping through the encyclopedia a bit and learning all sorts of new things.  I haven't had much time to go through the chicken health book.  I also ordered myself a candler for checking eggs. 

 Last week was spring break for my son.  The weather was not optimal. On Wednesday the wind was going strong enough that we decided to check out the big lake after work.

 It's been many years since I've been out to the point.  My hands were instantly cold and I didn't have gloves on. The waves were baby waves compared to what I've seen in the past.

My son said he LOVED seeing the waves and would love to see them again. 

On Good Friday I had the day off of work.  I took him to the roller rink for the afternoon. He had fun and that's all that matters.  Me, it was too many people.

The epic mural is still there.  This mural is part of my childhood. I think people would have rioted if the owners tried to paint over the wall. I'm pretty sure it's been touched up a bit.  Still just as awesome!

On Saturday we celebrated Easter.  It was a very nice and laid back affair.  It was also great to catch up with family.

And now ... back to work.  Thankfully work has been kind to me.  It's been quiet this week.

On the knitting front ... I completed a few things

Firs thing off the needles was the hat I was making from a pattern by Plucky Knitter, and knitting with double yarn.

It turned out slouchy for me.  I have mixed feelings on it.  I have been assured I look adorable in it.

So far I've been wearing it around the house.  If I was wearing it in the wind I'm not sure it would stay on my head.

The next thing off the needles was a scarf. I used US size 15 needles, cast on 200 stitches and knit, double yarn, until I ran out of yarn.

I just barely made it!  I was playing yarn chicken at the end.  It is LONG.  It's got to be 9 feet long at least.  I can wrap it around my neck several times and it's really cozy.

If I could do it over I'd cast on 150 stitches, so it would be a bit wider.

I do have a small crochet project going on.  It's a cowl. I'm not really feeling it so it may go to the frog pond. I'm still deciding.

On the book front ... I finished "Helena" for book club. 


I liked it.  I annotated all over it.  My first time doing so to a book.  Felt a bit odd at first to be writing in a book but after a while I got over it. It was nice throwing my two cents in.

Last week I picked up "Summers at Castle Auburn" from the library and started it this evening. 

One of the book bloggers I follow recommended this book.  I can't remember who it was.  Sorry.

I'm just over a chapter in and I'm hooked.  I'm not sure what it was that piqued my curiosity about this book but so far it's a good read.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Fires in the woodstove.  It was so damp and dreary today.

2. Starting a new book.

3. More baby chicks are on the way.

4. Laundry is all caught up!

5. I didn't have to leave the house today.

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