Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We have a baby!

We woke up this morning to a No School notification.  The entire family got to stay home today.

This morning I realized I forgot to put the incubator in lockdown last night. I opened it up and discovered two chicks had pipped their egg shells, and were cheeping up a storm.

Oh my gosh!  It begins!

My husband got the brooder box all set up and ready to go for the babies.  I'm wondering how many will be there tomorrow morning.

Last night I cut up enough material to make eight hen aprons. Today, here and there, I sewed them up and put them on the ladies who needed some extra coverage while their feathers grow back.

I bought this fabric back in October, I believe, at the Hobby Lobby down in Rice Lake. 

I snagged a photo of one of the Wynadottes wearing it.  I'm sure she knows how pretty she looks.

She was acting pretty sassy after the apron was put on her. 

My husband got a hold of Grandma P, when we were in there.  She was feeling chatty today.  

This evening I tried my hand at a Shamrock dishcloth from the Sugar'n Cream website.  It was a quick project.  I made it using acryllic yarn because I plan to use it as a decoration.

I would do the handle part a bit differently next time.

And then ... this evening when I walked back to the craft room I could hear a baby cheeping up a storm.  I took a peek and there it was.  Freshly hatched and wondering what to make of all this.


I wish I could have gotten a video but my phone was about ready to die, and the lighting conditions weren't all that great.  Plus, I wanted to make sure all the heat stayed in the 'bator and dried this little one out as soon as possible.

School has already been called for tomorrow.  It snowed all day in my area. About eight inches of heavy snow fell in my area. The "big city" had problems with flooding.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Both of my  boys got to stay home today, and not venture out into the nasty weather.

2. Baby chicks are hatching!

3. I *finally* got the hen aprons done.

4. Cozy fires

5. Popcorn

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