Sunday, March 6, 2016

A lovely weekend

This weekend was great.  The weather was beautiful today.

Friday I finished the second sock, sort of.  I have an almost complete pair of socks. The heel stitches are picked up on one of the socks. Ideally, I would like to have these bad boys wrapped up by the end of this week.


Saturday my husband went and wrapped up a project he started last weekend. Afterwards, we went to town and visited with my mother-in-law for a bit and came back home with my shelf greenhouse. I've had this for more than a few years and I consider myself successful with it only one year.


I keep trying with it. I figure that if I can prove myself successful with it, my husband will buy me a "real" greenhouse. My main problem is that the plants seem to take off and grow quicker than I anticipate.  I've followed guidelines, charts, made up calendars as to when seeds should be planted indoors and they just grow and it's too early for the garden.

This year will be different. I swear! This time, the greenhouse is going to be outside.

Saturday evening I started a new crochet project.  A little basket with cute trim on in.

I decided I didn't like it.  Not really.  My tension was all wonky and I was not pleased with how the trim was turning out. So, of to the frog pond it went.

Today, with the weather being so nice, (A high in the mid-50s) it was hard to be indoors.

We let the ladies out of the coop.  They mostly stuck around and under the coop. The snow is a good barrier for keeping them from wondering too far.

One Wynadotte thought she was extremely clever and flew out of the coop, over the snow and landed at the picnic table.  Once she got there she realized she marooned herself.  So she had to be rescued and carried back to the coop.

The majority of the girls just hung out in the coop before venturing out. Eggs to lay, and all that.


A while back I ripped down the curtains off the nesting boxes.  The ladies don't seem to mind much.

One of my sweet little ladies, until the scratch comes out.  Then watch out!  Just kidding. She's a good girl.

This one decided she didn't want to get her feet wet. She hung out in the doorway and enjoyed the sun. Such a prima donna.

With the Roo watching over them, these girls braved crossing the snow for the patch of ground by the tree.

At one point he wandered back to the coop to check on the other girls.  Then braved the snow again to get back to the girls by the tree.

He is such a handsome little man.

I had some adventures in the kitchen this weekend.  I'm trying the kale chips again.  The last time I made the chips they were far too greasy, the seasoning was too much, and they were slightly scorched.  I asked my friend for some tips and she said she had good experience with a low temp, long cook. 

So that's what I did. The results? I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

After the chips cooked for a bit, I shut off the heat and let the tray stay in the oven for a while longer. The best part?  They really satisfied that craving for something crunchy.

I also experimented with crackers made from cheese. We all decided we liked cheese crackers made from shredded cheddar the best. I used one-half a tablespoon for each cracker and baked them at 425 degrees fahrenheit, for about 10 minutes or so.  Just until the crackers started browning.

My other success in the kitchen was a low carb pizza crust.  My husband found this recipe. It's called Fat Head Pizza. My husband *really* misses crunchy, thin pizza crust.  This recipe did NOT disappoint.

I started another crochet basket late this afternoon. This morning I searched out other basket patterns, and decided on a pattern from

I am much more satisfied with the results of this pattern.  This pattern is a great stashbuster since it's made with two strands of yarn held together.

Last, but not least, we are on day 10 of incubator watch. Tomorrow we can do the first *official* candling.

Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. The beautiful weather. We got to open ALL the windows and enjoy the fresh air.

2. I cleared the back deck of all the snow and ice. 

3. Orange French sodas.

4. Crochet success.

5. A fab new recipe for low carb pizza.


Stephani said...

Glad the kale chips turned out good! :) I love them when I'm craving something salty & crunchy. I'm going to have to give that pizza recipe a try, too!

Ellen said...

I like that second basket!! I'm *green* with envy.

Ellen said...

I like that second basket!! I'm *green* with envy.