Sunday, March 20, 2016

First day of spring

Happy spring! Woke up to temps in the teens.

We all decided today was going to be a day for relaxation.  I relaxed by baking and puttering in the kitchen, among other things. 

The last few days have been pretty calm around the homestead.  We've been oohing and awwing over the baby chicks.

I know this is why you come to the blog. 

 And that's okay.


I tried to get sharp images of them but they decided to be busy little budgies this evening. Most of the time they've been pretty chillaxed or sleeping. 

In all the times we've had baby chicks I think this is the most relaxed group we've ever had.  They barely make noise.  Whenever I look in the brooder, a few of them are doing the "I'm so content" leg and wing stretch.

We realized on Friday that one of these babies has spraddle leg.  It's our time time experiencing this. I immediately went to The Chicken Chick website and found how to treat spraddle leg. If The Chicken Chick had a book, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I love how informative her blog is.

So our little guy now looks like he's on a chain gang of one.

He looks pretty normal in the picture above. Just yesterday his poor little legs were sprawled out and he could barely move.  It was sad.

Here are his little leg braces.  Almost right away, no kidding, he was standing and walking.  Now he runs all over the brooder and he takes no sass from anyone.  Yesterday the other chicks were running over him and he had to put up with it.  Now, they fear him. As well they should! .

Naturally I have video, cause everyone wants to see these little guys in action.


One Saturday we sold 6 chicks to a family that drove a couple hours to our place.  That's determination to have chickens! I wish them lots of luck! It is their first time having chickens and they were quite excited.

Other things that happened this weekend:

We finished the circular woodpile.  I now know this style of wood pile is called a Holz Housen.  It's eight feet across and six feet tall. 

I crocheted a hat.  My son decided he wanted it. 

I started it on Friday night and finished it Saturday.  I realized about five rows into it, on Saturday, that I had flipped the hat inside out and started working on it.  I'll call it a design element.

I started a knit hat Saturday night.  I was looking for a pattern that called for using double yarn.  Found a pattern by plucky knitter. I'm about halfway through.

I got the itch to sew a little bit again.  I pulled out a tote bag I had goofed on and put away.  I fixed my issues and got to sewing it.

I used my wonder clips for the first time.  They are nice!

I love this fabric. It's something I found at Wal*Mart way back when.


I'm not one hundred percent happy with my finish work on this bag.  I'll be using it as a WIP bag.

When I was sewing I realized I never posted a picture of the skirt I finished back in January.

I am really pleased with how it turned out.  I did cut out the pockets and do a straight seam on the sides.  I messed up placement of the pockets so they didn't mirror each other properly.  I will be making this skirt again as soon as I find some fabric I enjoy. This fabric is jersey fabric I purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Now ... I need cute shoes.

And this might have happened today ...

Yes! More eggs in the 'bator!


Daily 5 things of the day that made me happy

1. Getting crafty this weekend

2. Scones and cream.  Yum!

3. Watching the babies. 

4. It's finally spring.

5. It's staying light out later now.  Does so much for the peace of mind.

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