Friday, September 28, 2007

I frogged it :-(

I was *thiiiiiiis* close to being done with that sock, but I dropped some stitches and had to tear out some rows. Since I'm not so good at picking up those dropped stitches I had to take out another row and was using almost all my DPN's to hold stitches and then went to put them back on the proper DPN's. Well, then I somehow got my yarn wrapped around the sock so it was going through the inside of the sock and I couldn't fix it. Then I noticed I had accidentally knitted the working yarn into the sock :-( OMGosh, but the time I was done untangling the mess I was so little of the sock left that I decided to tear it all out and will just start from the beginning. It had mistakes in it anyways. :-( I'm just so bummed cause I've been working off and on it for near a month.

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Kelly said...

Oh Marcy! That's such a huge bummer! I'd be so mad if that happened to me. But now you get to make it over 100x better!