Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bayerische KAL

I'm going to be participating in a Bayerische sock KAL over on Nimblestix .  I think it's going to test my skills as a sock knitter with all the cables and twists and turns of the pattern.

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The original "pattern" is over on Eunny Jang's website. There is a recreated pattern in a  toe up version, here on the KnittingSwede's old website. 

I don't have any metal US Size 0 DPNs but my DH found me a set online and ordered them for me.  I do have a set of wooden DPNs but I can't see myself using wooden one's long term. I can be a tight knitter so I think they probably snap while I was working on these socks.

I dug through the stash and pulled out a skein of sock yarn that I got last summer from the Forbidden Woolery "Hansel and Gretel" yarn club.

Colorway: "Into the Woods"
Yarn: Wrath base, 80% SW Blue-Faced Leicester; 20% bamboo
100 grams/435 yards.

It's super squish and soft.  I can't wait to ball it up and start working with it.

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Kelsbels said...

Those are gorgeous! I wonder if I could handle them...of course I never finished the second flutterby sock