Monday, March 4, 2013

The birds have landed

Things have been a bit quiet around the homestead because I've been crocheting Angry Bird characters.

Several weeks ago my son was invited to an Angry Bird themed birthday party and came home with a few crocheted birds.  I told him that I could make him those and he got quite excited and told me to start looking up patterns.

I did and went out and bought some acryllic yarns to make the birds.

My son has turned into quite the little task master when it comes to me making these birds.

"Mom, why aren't you crocheting?"

"Mom, crochet"

"Mom, are you almost done yet?"

"Mom, print out the pattern for the blue angry bird"

This weekend he even went into the craft room, picked out the next bird for me to work on and gathered all the yarn I'd need, the pattern, notions and packed them into the new fancy dishpan tote that I bought recently to keep my WIP contained, and brought it out to me in the living room and said "Here mom, you crochet the blue bird now"

This made me laugh.  He was SO eager for me to start the next one, but he overlooked the most important thing, the crochet hook!

My son took this picture yesterday.  So far I've made the big white bird, the pig and the little yellow bird.  The red and black birds are from the birthday party.  Notice the  books on planets?  That is his other current obesession.

Yes, I am almost done with the blue bird, but I need to get some felt for below the eyes.

I got the patterns for the white bird and green pig from 

The designer did a wonderful job of writing out the patterns.  I still consider myself to be a crochet newbie and I was able to follow these patterns easily.  What was really nice is that she put a stitch count at the end of each row so I always knew if I was on track or not.

The yellow bird pattern came from Her pattern was written out in a way that you needed to be more intuitive. But it was a good pattern as well. My son said that the yellow one is his favorite.

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Stephani said...

Those turned out so cute!! I think the pig is my favorite :)