Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 81

I do believe I missed a few of these. Time to get back at em, since I enjoy this one so much.

Everyday Ruralty
To quote Patrice: Grab a seat and a cuppa something warm. It's time to chat. :-)  I've got my tea.

    1.    What's your favorite fruit?
    2.    Wendell would like to know if you've ever been horseback riding.
    3.    Do you carry a small purse, a big one, or just a wallet?
    4.    If you could travel to one state for a day (all expense paid), where would you go? If you're not in the US, where would you like to travel within your country?
    5.    What was your first car?

My answers:
    1.    It honestly depends on the time of year. Right now, my favorite is oranges. BUT they have to be sweet.
    2.    I was one a horse once.  My SIL and BIL bought a house in the country and SIL got a pair of horses.  I sat on one of them for like 5 minutes about a decade ago (or it at least feels like a decade ago)
    3.    I have a purse that usually gets tucked into a knitting bag.  The DH laughs at the fact that I open up a big bag that looks like a purse to get my much smaller purse.
    4.    I would love to get back to North Dakota, but if it was all expenses paid, I think I'd go to  Florida, to see the ocean.
    5.    A Ford EXP.  It was a two-seater.  Burnt orange.  Probably red at one time, but it was so old, the poor thing. 


Melanie Schemanski said...

Glad you are back, I just started about a month ago and love doing the farmhouse porch chat!

Anonymous said...

I learned how to drive in a Ford Escort. My daughter has one and that she got when she turned 16. She is 21 now and still has it. It has about a million miles on it but it's still going strong. Have a great week.

Patrice said...

I've never been to N.Dakota, but I have been to Florida. My sister and I took my four girls to Disney last January. I like oranges too. I hope you have a great week!

Clairity said...

Like you, I sometimes tuck my purse into a big ecobag so it saves me the hassle of carrying 2 bags LOL.

Farm Girl said...

Nice answers today. I laughed about the horse comment. I have always wanted to visit the Dakotas. Just so I could see a buffalo wallow, ever since I read about it in the Little House Books I have wanted to see one.

Everyday Things said...

Ive really enjoyed reading through your replies too! florida sounds heavenly!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

i would love to know what is in North Dakota? i have always wanted to go. the parents & i saw South Dakota way back in the 90's. have a great week. ( :