Friday, February 1, 2013

Some random stuff from the week

Today is my son's birthday.  He's 8 years old.  It's so true about time going by fast.  I still remember bringing him home from the hospital.  A couple weeks ago I found a "baby's first calendar" that I had but I didn't keep up the calendar towards the end.  That part is a shame.  However, it was a lot of fun reading the little notes that I took.  I think my favorite two notes where when we raised the height on his walker.  His dad called it "putting in a lift." The second one was "fell off grandma's couch." I had forgotten about that until I read it.  My son used to love laying on his grandma's couch and taking a nap.

On the way home today my son said "Wow, it sure feels different picking your nose when you are 8."

Oh boy!

He also told me how a lot of the kids were nice to him today and that they weren't as nice to the other kids that celebrated their birthdays so far this year.  (Does that make sense?)  Kids let him go ahead of them in line, said nice things, and he even got a nice note from a couple of the girls in class that wished him a happy birthday.

Maybe it was the homemade cupcakes I made? 

Homemade butter cream frosting and yellow cake.  Yum!

 Monday on the way to work a deer ran out in front of me.  In the past deer have either stuck by the side of the road or walked right in front of me and I had plenty of notice to slow down.  Not this one. He or she bolted right out in front of me.

Then on the way home a deer ran out in front of me again.  Twice in one day.  Can you believe it?  This one kind of sauntered out and didn't cross the road very fast.

This was the first time I thought I was actually going to hit a deer.  Do you have any idea how green I'd feel if I hit a deer my first winter out in the country.  I don't know if I could live that one down.

Great. ... now I probably just jinxed myself.

 This past weekend I made up some homemade root beer.  This is my newest hobby acquisition.  My husband indulged me and bought me lots of what I need to keep this hobby going for a while.

Root Beer Float

Honestly, I would have never thought about making homemade root beer until I watched a gal do it on a video podcast. After watching her I felt a bit empowered and I got the book from the library.   I don't know if I will expand my horizons and try other things. Right now we are content with the root beer.

This batch of root beer turned out way better than the other one. It was pretty cool to pour it and see it fizz up just like the store bought stuff, but it was all natural carbonation. Awesome!

Earlier this week I stopped at my MIL's and tried to pay attention to the kittycat.  When the family moved to the new homestead it was agreed to let the cat stay with my MIL.  CeeVee is an older cat now and she's more bonded to my MIL than me.

I tried to talk sweet to CeeVee and she hissed at me and then went over to my MIL and gave her lovings.

Being the mature person that I am I said: "Expletive you CeeVee! I have another pet that loves me."

Nice, right?

Yeah.... I'm so mature.

So, who loves me?

How can you not love a face like that?

We rescued this guy last summer during the height of the drought.  He's got to be the most spoiled and pampered snapper in all of the U.S.  He's very docile and actually kind of sweet in his own way.

My son named him Koopa (from Mario) but I call him Mr. Turtle.  My husband just calls him "turtle"

This past weekend I took my first video of him. 

This morning the temps were in the negatives again.  The weather people say that it's going to warm up this weekend.  It takes me around 15 minutes to drive to my son's latchkey and I still didn't have heat when I dropped him off.

When I started leaving the parking lot the sky was beautiful.  I don't think I've seen sunrises as pretty as the one's I've been seeing since we moved. On that comes very close was when I  watched the sun rise over Lake Superior when I was in the hospital the day after giving birth to my son. If you ever get the chance to see the sun rise over Lake Superior -- do it!  You won't regret it. 

Anywho, these iPod photos are from this morning. The sky was this gorgeous blue. And clear.  No clouds. 

 Thank you so much for stopping by!


Kelsbels said...

Oh the picture of Mr. Turtle cracked me up!

And Happy Birthday to your not so little boy! I cannot believe he's 8!

Scary about the deer...glad you didn't hit one!!

Amnicon Studio said...

My son took that picture. It was a pretty good one!