Monday, February 18, 2013

The last couple weeks in pictures

On Monday, Feb. 4, the little man came home from school on Monday and said: "Teacher said we have to make valentines."  Don't you love how he said that? "Teacher said"  Oh how it reminded me of the audio book we listened to last summer. "The Teacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts"

On Tuesday, Feb. 5, I stopped at Walmart and picked up some items for him to make Valentines. He had a blast. 

 On Saturday, Feb. 9, the temps were warmer than they have been so the DH took advantage and smoked a port roast. It was very tasty and as you can see it, was done to perfection.  Yum!!!!!!!

Monday, Feb. 11 was yet another snow day.  I haven't had so many snow days in who knows how long. It was also publishing day and I had to proof and approve pages on the computer screen and remotely. I ended up missing at least three minor "boo boos". So not happy about that.  But ... it was also the Monday that Pope Benedict announced his resignation.  I think that pretty much gives us a pass for any oops in the paper. 

Anywho ... Here is what I saw when I looked outside my front window that day.  

That same day I decided to rip a blanket that I knit during my early days as a knitter. I love the yarn and it was a warm blanket. Big needles and this yarn really didn't work out as well as I had hoped.  It felt like I was putting on a yarn net or a big bunch of yarn when I snuggled up under it.

I made this blanket back in 2008. If I remember right, it's size 25 needles.  I don't know if I would ever use needles that size again.

It's hard to rip because I held two boucle yarns together.  So when I rip I have to split the yarn apart and then skein it up.  The blue is one yarn, the multicolored yarn is a different yarn.

 Saturday, Feb. 9 I got some fun mail from Reflections Yarn on etsy. The shop owner had a Valentine surprise yarn club.  The yarn is lovely. The package also included some yummy chocolates and ...

Stitch markers!  I love stitch markers and these are so cute.

I already have a sock pattern picked out for the yarn.  It's True Love by Chrissy Gardiner. It's gonna look wonderful in this sock yarn.

Then this past weekend my DH finished putting a new floor in the kitchen.  The old vinyl was defective or something and DH spotted this flooring at the local Menard*s.

I am so thrilled with this new flooring.  It really pulls the kitchen together and it makes me happy.

I actually have a finished object for knitting.  I had to take a break from my squares and decided to work on a scarf that I promised my son MONTHS ago.  I had been under the impression that my son's school colors were black and orange.  They are the "tigers" and a lot of the school stuff I had seen was orange-ish.

Earlier this week I had a discussion with two coworkers and they set me straight on the colors.

I asked my son if anyone noticed the scarf at school today and he said at least one kid asked him if he got it at the "paw shop" that the kids can shop when they accrue enough tiger paw tickets.  I'd say the scarf is a hit.

I'm not sure exactly when this photo was taken.  My son took it and showed it to me.  I thought it turned out pretty good.  We've been letting the turtle "walk" a little more and he's enjoying it. 

I think this is a great close up.  You can see his grumpy old man face and those little things that are on his chin.

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