Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A quick hi and ramble about my day

Last week I had a cold bug and it didn't treat me very well.  As they are usually prone to do.  It could  have been worse, but thankfully not.

I was also bogged down with work so I didn't get much time to revel in my misery.  Oh well, I'm all better now.

I took a few pics off an on during this last week and I think I'm going to post those later on this week.  There are a few memories I want to share/keep.

So ... yeah :-)

Yesterday we had a snow day because we had another snow storm.  Icy bits of death fell from the sky before the snow came.  It makes for bad road conditions and the school districts closed down.  When the one system closes schools, my work building closes for the day as well.  However, it was a publishing day for me and the paper still needs to go to press. So I didn't get to fully enjoy the snow day.  Though in between emails I got to do things that I couldn't normally do at work, like laundry, cleaning and frogging an old knit project. Fun stuff and good times.

The news about Pope Benedict resigning threw my workplace into a tailspin. I work in the Catholic Press and we had to scrap our front page and rework a few of the other pages.  The next month or so is going to be a very exciting time because this is history in the making. 

So that this isn't a totally photo-less entry, here's a picture from my drive home today.

Remember when I said that we just had a snow day yesterday?  There are puddles on the road. It was over 32 degrees F today. We are supposed to get more snow this week. I have always thought this particular train under (over?) pass was interesting.  The road goes down so it will go under the traintrack.  Then a couple miles past this is a railroad crossing and you have to stop at that one.  The graffiti says "Under."

Well, that's all for now.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Kelsbels said...

Love the picture! We call the overpasses here in K-Town. :)

And I'm really jealous of all your snow days. We haven't had a single one this year.