Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ice cream

I recently found my ice cream maker.  I bought it about 9 years ago when I was on the Atkins plan.  Unfortunately it hasn't seen much use since then.  Mostly because you had to let the canister freeze for at least 24 hours and I couldn't keep it in the freezer always because my freezer was usually full to the brim.

Spinning round and round making yummy goodness.

This weekend I stuck the canister in our new chest freezer and yesterday I did a quick search for recipes.

I tried this one because it intrigued me.  I would have never thought to use sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk.  Mostly I was looking for a recipe that I could use whole milk only because I didn't want to dish out the bucks for cream. Well ... for what I paid for the condensed and evaporated milk, I could have just bought the heavy cream.  Oh well. Live and learn.

I don't have any pretty pictures of the finished product because the ice cream came out churned but it was pretty soft.  So I scooped out enough for my hubby and son to try and I put the rest in the freezer with my fingers crossed that it will firm up enough, but not too much.

My machine is  a deni giavanni ice cream maker.  I'm not sure if they even make it anymore.  I tried doing a search for it and nothing significant came up.

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