Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas week

I had the whole week off from work.  The whole family has been home, which has been awesome.

Earlier in the week we harvested Sweet'ums the second turkey. This time around it wasn't as easy to process and pluck the feathers.  It was colder outside so the water couldn't get as hot as we would have liked.

Still tons easier than plucking a chicken.

I made turkey dinner on Christmas Eve, when the family came out to celebrate. 

This time around we put the turkey in a brine. It has been decided that we will get more turkeys next spring.

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration this year. My MIL gave me and my son a second recorder to share. My son is thoroughly enjoying teaching me how to play. So far I know only three notes. I realized I still stink at trying to read sheet music.  My son, however, seems to be a little music prodigy.  He got a few music books and he flipped one open and started playing a Christmas song like he's played it forever.  He also got a keyboard from his aunt and uncle.  He's already playing songs on it like he's been playing for a while.

One of my favorite gifts was this shirt.  I had shared it on Facebook some time ago. My SIL remembered and ordered it for me.

The last few days we've been taking it easy and I've been working on crafty stuff, here and there. I cast on a new pair of vanilla socks.

The weather has been decent. Temps are in the 30s. Not a lot of snow.  What snow we have had has melted.  Bad thing about it melting is the ice.  There are some nice slick ice patches on the deck.

Not fully sure on what is going to happen this weekend. Saturday is for visiting with family.  Sunday is still up in the air.

I do have to go back to work on Monday, but then I am off for the rest of the week. I'm already running a mental checklist of stuff I'd like to get done.


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