Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kicking up dust

As I had figured, my son was NOT happy to have to clear out and clean his room.  He "helped" as best he could, all things considered.

I didn't go through his dresser though. It's a battle for another day. 

I pulled out all the stuff in his desk and closet and made him go through stuff. Took a few hours but his room is so much better and a lot less dusty.

On the bright side, my son forgot about the board games so they were *brand new* to him. Awesome. We played a round of Battleship and I won. 

After lunch my son and I took down the Christmas tree and he helped me move the desk back out into the living room. I'm feeling happy to have my living room almost back to normal.  The tree box is still out but not for long.

The sun shone all day but it was still too cold to spend much time outside. Temps were in the negatives this a.m. and will be overnight. I worry a bit about the chickens but I know they will be okay in the Chicken Shack of Love. We've got one winter under our belts and have a better idea of what the birds can tolerate. 

This evening I did a bit more knitting on my sock.  We ordered a season of Storage Wars that we haven't seen before and we hung around the woodstove.

Speaking of the woodstove, last weekend my DH created a heat shield for our wood stove.

Not only is it a heat shield, it is art. 

 We've had a lot of compliments on it so far. Yup, it's definitely a keeper.

I'm loving it.

My son is asking if we can do a "project" tomorrow. Otherwise known as: Can you please make cookies or brownies?

I told him "We'll see."

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