Friday, December 19, 2014

Once upon a time ...

Once upon a time there was a gal who made a promise to herself that she would write every day for 2014.

She almost did it, too.

But then October came and she got so busy with canning, preserving and general busyness of life that the writing had to be put on hold.

Can you guess who this gal is?

*hangs head and raises hand*

Yeah, it was me. 

I was doing *so* good too.  Oh well. 

But where to pick back up?   I've been a busy girl and lots of things have happened.

Or should I start with a clean slate?  Maybe I will start tomorrow.

The quick version?  Son is doing awesome. He's getting all high marks in school. He has also started learning recorder at school and he's pretty darn good. His father and I are so proud of him.  My son has some musical talent so we are encouraging him as much as possible.

Back in October we gave away a bunch of our roos.  Too many boys were harassing my ladies.

We butchered our first turkey for Thanksgiving.  It was a LOT easier to process than a chicken.  We will be butchering our other turkey next week.  Just in time for Christmas.

I've done a lot of canning and preserving.  I've discovered a salsa recipe and we've been eating a LOT of salsa. It's so good.

I've been crafting up a storm.  I've crocheted a bunch of dishcloths.  I'm learning how to quilt. A gal at work is willing to mentor anyone who was interested in learning.  My coworker and I jumped at the opportunity.  I'm done with my top.  I need to put a border on and then make the quilt sandwich and finish off the project.

I've also been working on a latch hook rug-thing.  I purchased it a while back and recently got the itch to finish it.

I'm still listening to audio books during my commute.  Currently I'm listening to the Mortal Instruments series.  Oh it's SO good. It helps the commute fly by.

Work had some significant changes and I can now finally come up for air, so to speak. Our bishop has been appointed bishop in a different diocese. Now we have an administrator and it could be up to a year before a new bishop is appointed. So, the fun will continue.

And with it being December I'm feeling all ponder-y and brooding again. When I got crazy busy I pulled back from a few things and now that I'm sitting here, catching my breath, I realize I don't miss a lot of it.  So I'm looking at things and see what kind of approach I want to take in the new year.

I miss writing, even though I'm not very good at it. I like being able to look at past entries and remember.   I'm not sure if I will be writing every day next year. If I have to choose between doing something versus writing about doing something, the writing is going to get pushed to the back burner. I've noticed other bloggers write on a schedule of two or three times a week.   I think I can handle a schedule like that.

There are some new things I'd like to try my hand at in  the new year. Will see how it all pans out. I've finally accepted the fact I'm a crafty person. I'm embracing it.

I'm off work now (mostly) for the next two weeks. I've been looking forward to it. I have no plans. That's the best kind of vacation.

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