Monday, December 29, 2014

Last week of 2014

I'm well on my way to my first FO of 2015. The vanilla socks I'm working on will have afterthought heels.

The colors are pretty cheery.  The yarn was purchased more than a year ago on clearance.

Today was my lone work day for the week. I wasn't real happy to have to get up when my alarm went off. My DH was a good sport and got up with me. Now I'm home til next Monday. My son will not be thrilled with me tomorrow when I make him go through his room and do a purge out and tidy up.

I've rediscovered my kindle and have been reading cozy mysteries. Currently I'm reading "Murder Spins a Tale" So far so good. I'm about halfway through. 

This weekend I read the first two books of the Kiki Lowenstein mysteries. I'm not a fan of scrapbooking.  It never meshed with me. However, I feel for the main character. I want to see her succeed. I've got the third book on request.

The weather turned cold. Woke up to temps in the negatives. The sun was out.  The sun hasn't been out for a good amount of time since Dec. 6. Cold temps are here to stay for a while. Boo!

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