Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bringing in the new year

No big hoopla's to bring in the new year. My son was determined to stay up til midnight.  I said I'd try to stay up with him. I made him a pan of brownies, my guy a pumpkin pie, and granola for myself.  Those were our goodies.

My son watched YouTube videos while I read on my kindle. I finished reading "Murder Spins a Tale." I'd start the second one but it looks like my library consortium doesn't have it.

We saw the new year in and promptly went to bed. I slept in til 8:30. I hate sleeping in that late.

The last couple days have been quiet around the homestead.  Yesterday we got a wee bit of snow.

Another cold front is on its way to my area so I'm not surprised to see snow. I'm also not ready for another cold snap. We've been lucky so far this year. Last year is still fresh on my mind.

I've been a good girl and started filling the bird feeder again.  I was getting tired of the squirrels raiding it at emptying it in one day.  The other day I found one suet cake and put it out. The Blue Jays have found the seed; the chickadees and woodpeckers have found the cake.

Yesterday I noticed a squirrel had figured out it could run up the corner of the Chicken Shack of Love and crawl under the roof. That will be rectified asap. I have visions of the little bugger chewing up the wires.  Not cool. Not sure how the roof will be plugged but it will. 

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