Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend doings

Weather was somewhat decent this weekend. It's almost a shame we didn't have any pressing outside projects that needed to be done. 



I took advantage of the slightly warmer temps and did some chicken chores out in the chicken shack.  Shoveled out under the roosts, add more pine shavings to the floor, etc. I did this all while being shadowed by CeeVee.  She hangs out right next to me when I'm in there.  She wants to be near humans but not actually handled are anything. 

When any of us go out to the chicken shack the chickens always come running because they have certain expectations of the humans having food. 

I went out there with a bowl full of cooked vegetables and dumped it out on their tray.  Then I set the bowl up on the nesting boxes and started my work.  

I noticed Miss. Greedy-Gut, the Wynadotte, had jumped to the top of the nesting boxes and had her head in the bowl. 

When it was determined that the bowl no longer had food in it, she decided to hop into the half-bale of pine shavings I had stored up there.  She scratched around it for a bit and then hopped out. 

When we hauled feed in to fill up the buckets a few of the ladies came running over.  I suppose they expected we were filling up the chicken scratch bucket.  

The ladies hung around a bit because they were so sure we were going to give them scratch.

This is one of our homegrown roos.  He is so pretty.  The bird in the back with the reddish neck is also a homegrown roo. He's got Americauna genes.  He's pretty in his own way as well.

Miss Elvis is broody, *again.*

In the nesting box next to her Grandma's baby has taken up residence.  She's broody too.  She's not quite as crabby as Elvis.

And in other news ...

Seeds are for sale at the local Menard*s.

It was a fairly quiet weekend otherwise. I did some knitting and spinning. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around tatting.  I've been watching videos here and there.  So far I'm finding more videos for shuttle tatting than needle tatting. A video series was recommended to me but the gal is Italian and there are 40-some videos in her how-to series.  Needle tatting is already feeling familiar and comfortable to me.  Shuttle tatting is looking intimidating now.  What I need to do is work through a pattern on my own.

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