Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A quick check in

Well, I have no pictures but felt I should do a quick check in.

I'm currently working on Seascape from knitty.com. I have been working on this since last weekend and I gotta say I haven't progressed very far. It finally clicked this weekend and I finished the first part of the pattern. I am enjoying the pattern and discovered a Knit-a-long over on ravelry. Cool! I'm learning a couple of new stitches for it. Thank goodness for knittinghelp.com.

And I'm using some of my new options needles for this project. Oh, OH OOOOH, I love these needles. It is *so* nice to not have to fight with my needles. I bought the steel tip options rather than the harmony's. But I did get the harmony DPNs. Still haven't had a chance to try those out though.

I've also been spinning a little bit each night for Tour de Fleece. I still haven't finished a bobbins worth of my bluebell colonial top though. But that's okay cause I'm still working on making a more even yarn. I'm getting better at drafting though. It's nice not to have to draft a bunch before hand. Practice, practice, practice.

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