Friday, July 18, 2008

Work news

Well, I got a shock this afternoon. I'm still kind of mulling it over. I'm getting my own office. For the last 5 years I've shared an office with the staff writer. However, I no longer have an office on the main level. It will be down in the basement.

I've never had my own office before and to be moved to an office that doesn't have windows is a bit much for me at the moment. What a way to end the week huh?

Meanwhile I keep trying to come up with positives to having my own office. And, of course, being moved is much better than losing my job. It's just that I'm not up for this particular change. I'm not gonna have an office mate anymore and that's gonna take some getting used to. In a way, this reminds me of the seinfield episode where George had to keep showing up to work because of his contract and his work kept making things more difficult for him and they ultimately moved him to an office supply closet. ... But we aren't the only office that's gonna be moved. ... but I don't know of anyone else who is being moved to the basement.

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