Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bayerische sock update II

After fighting with the increase row on the Bayerische sock and then realizing that I was messing up the cable twists I frogged the sock after the third or fourth row.

Woe unto me.

After telling some of my friends that my hands were sore after working the increase row and my difficulty in making the increase stitches they all told me I was knitting too tight.

After pondering some of the stuff that is going on in like I have to agree that I was knitting too tight.  I don't know if I always knit that tight or if I was knitting tighter than usual because I felt I should because of using  US size O needles.

In any case I cast on again and was sure to knit l-o-o-s-l-e-y.

The second time around I kicked that increase row's butt.  HARD.  I rocked it.  No foolin.

I have now completed two repeats on the cuff of the sock.  I'm ready to split for the heal

Unfortunately you can't really see the pattern in a picture.  I'm not sure if it's the lighting or the variegation of the sock yarn.

I also color coded that pattern.  There was no way I was going to make mistakes on the twisted stitches again.

I'm still goofing up.  But I'm catching it fairly quickly and not having to tink a lot of stitches back. Twice, at the end of rows I was adding on a second purl stitch.  So I have a design element because I was not going to tink back and get rid of the stitch.

I now know that I can *not* work on this sock when my son has decided he needs to talk.  When he gets going he is *quite* the chatter box and I very easily lose track of what row I'm on.  -- EVEN THOUGH I've got color coding going on, row is marked with magnets *and* I've got a row counter going.


Once I got going on this sock I am pleased to see that the rows are going quickly.  It's nice.  After taking more than an hour to do the increase I was worried each row was going to take *forever*.

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