Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Service project

Back in March one of my knitting friends sent out a call asking: "Will you join me for a service project?"

One of her friends was collecting little afghans/quilts to donate to her local local hospital for the NICU and for the hospital to give out those those have suffered the loss of their child.  The smallest ones being 8" x 8" and up to regular sizes.

I thought "Hey, I can do this." and I said I would help.  I made three blankies and sent them off in the mail yesterday.

This was my first blanket. It was 8" x 8" and made from some leftover acrylic yarn I had used to make my son a cabled hat. It's pretty soft.  After I made the main part I was stumped for a border.  Remember, I'm a newbie crocheter so I needed something simple.  One of my friends came to the rescue and taught me a border.  Thanks! :-)

I made two blankets out of this yarn.  They were both 12" x 12"  The picture doesn't show the true color, unfortunately.  It's a soft green color. The yarn is Bernat Baby Coordinates and here's a better "color chip" courtesy of the Bernat site. The color is called "Iced Mint".

 Love and kind thoughts were crocheted into each stitch.

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