Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What's going on?

So what's going on with me? Not a whole heck of a lot. I'm still plugging along on my first Bayerische sock. But not enough to post another update. 

I'm mostly waiting for the weather to get nice.  And when I say nice, I mean *really* nice.

As of right now my area is under a later winter weather storm warning.  Joy. ... or not.


On Good Friday this year I had the day off from work and my son had no school.  The weather was gorgeous. So gorgeous that we took two walks that day.  And Saturday, March 30 we took a short walk and came across this on our road.

So totally random that I love it.

I haven't met all my neighbors so I don't know who was whimsical enough to make these guys. You can't tell but the one on the far right is actually a dog. Totally made me smile.

After the nice weather of Easter weekend the weather pattern has shifted again and while we are still in the 40s, it's a windy, damp 40s temp. 

But you know the saying about not liking the weather; wait a day or two.

At the end of March we sold our minivan.  We immediately had regrets.  Actually, we told the couple that came to test drive the van that we had made the decision that if they didn't purchase it that we were just going to keep the van.  Well, the people loved the van and bought it much to our chagrin.  I'd say within 5 minutes of signing the agreement DH and I were like "Oh no, what did we just do?"  Seriously, the van was that good.  It was pretty sad to see the van drive away and know it was going to a new home.  I was consoled by the fact that it was going to be much appreciated by the new family.  They currently have three kids under age 6 (I think) and those three kids, who were all still in carseats, had to share the backseat of a Cavalier.  Eeks!  That's not much room.

DH hit the Cr*aiglist listings and we ending up purchasing a truck.

It's a 2002 Ford F150 (boy I hope I have that right.)  It's in pretty fabulous shape and a metric TON of fun to drive. It gives a fantastic ride.  It's already been fitted with a ladder rack and she's (Yes, it's a she) ready to start hauling all the things we will need for the dream deck that is being planned for the back of the house and ...

a chicken coop.  Yes, we are going to get some chickens.  This past Monday I went to the local feed store and put an order in for 10 Silver Laced Wynadotte chicks and ...

six Guinneafowl. I'm not sure what breed of Guinnea fowl we are getting though ... the guy didn't ask and I didn't know enough to be specific.  No biggie.  They are due to be delivered on April 30.

We can't wait.  My DH has been doing research and has already got a pretty firm idea of what kind of chicken coop he wants to build.  I'm pumped because we are gonna have chickens and the Guinneas are going to eat all the bugs and ticks.  If this is the peak year for tent worms, the Guinneas are going to gorge themselves silly, I think.

While I did some research on these two breeds I came across a good YouTube video about the Wynadotts and a cute video about a Guinnea stealing a dog's food right out from under his nose.

There hasn't been much baking going on.  I guess I'm feeling to antsy about the changing seasons.  I just can't wait for the warm temps and the sun.

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