Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Snow storm

Last week yet another snow storm came to my area. I knew it was coming and as soon as it started I left work early to try to get home before the storm got too bad.

It took me an hour and a half to get home last Thursday when it normally takes 45-50 minutes.

On the way home there was one car that slid into the ditch on the highway.  The highway patrol was there with it flashing lights so we all knew to move over.  I don't think anyone was going over 50 miles an hour.

I was "lucky" enough to get yet another snow day.  Though at this point I think everyone in my family is sick of snow days.  Monday I woke up yesterday to 3 email alerts about the next, yes, next, winter storm that was coming to my area. I was able to get home last night without a problem

This April has been the snowiest April on record and they've been keeping track for the last 150 years according to the weather person this morning.


But today I woke up to 10 more inches of snow and ended up coming late to work and bringing my son to school late because our road had just enough snow to make my husband worry that I might get stuck if I was the first person on our road to try and get out to the highway, which was clean.

But, I'm sure you are dying to see what it looked like on Friday (April 18)  You are in luck because I have pictures and video. I just didn't have the heart to blog about this that day. Also, my internet was running sloooow.

This is my husband in the middle of snowblowing the driveway.  The cowl on the snowblower is 2 feet tall.

I made my son stop so I could take a picture. 

This is my son running through one of the paths that my husband made with the snowblower. 

  Here I am standing in the driveway. 

This was my road.  (south direction) 

Here I am standing in the middle of the road.  This was just incredible to me.

Here is the road in the other direction (north)

 Here is the back of our house.

Oh, did I mention that a branch the size of a small tree fell on my garage?

Yes, and thankfully there doesn't seem to be any major damage.

Here we are at the end of the day. Look at the beautiful sky and the sun making it all rosy and pretty. 

Here was some video I took when I first stepped out of the garage.

And another one showing the trees.  You can hear the wind a bit as well.

I've been told that better weather is on it's way.  I hope so.  My baby chicks are supposed to come next Tuesday.

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Kelsbels said...

I'm so glad that stayed up by you!